Connector Gasket: 2050-40216-52

This heavy-duty, circular shaped gasket, Part Number: 2050-40216-52, is designed for Commercial Grade Applications. Made from Nickel Graphite filled silicone, this MIL-5015 compliant gasket is a smaller connector.


Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
10 24 $11.55
25 49 $5.78
50 100 $4.30
101 250 $3.44



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MAJR Products’ Conductive Silicone material is a molded rubber filled with conductive inert particles. It provides high electrical conductivity, broadband shielding and moisture sealing. Our Commercial grade Nickel Graphite Silicone material is capable of 100 dB of plane wave shielding effectiveness at 1 GHz with a continuous use temperature range of -55°C to 160°C. Please use the link below for more details on this material:

(-52) Commercial Grade Ni/Graphite

This material does not meet the MIL-Spec

A 0.906
B 0.875
C 1.188
D 0.172

Connector gasket material thickness = .032