Shipping & Returns

SHIPMENTS: All products are shipped F.O.B., point of shipment. The cost of any special packing or special handling or shipping caused by Buyer’s requirements or requests shall be added to the amount of the order. Orders will ship UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground.

A UPS tracking number can be sent via e-mail per request if your e-mail address is supplied with the order. Call 814-763-3211, or send an e-mail to, if you require additional details on your shipment.

Once an order is given to a carrier the item becomes that carrier’s responsibility and MAJR Products Corp. is no longer liable for the shipment.

RETURNS: . Returns are limited to replacement of the purchased product if that product has been provided or shipped incorrectly. Returns are only accepted from the original purchaser as stated on the supplied invoice. Buyer must always contact Seller to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). Please state the reason for return request, invoice number, and ship date. RMA number must be clearly marked on all returned items.