Connector Gasket: 2050-61604-52

Part Number: 2050-61604-52 is a gasket made from nickel graphite filled silicone and is used on MIL – DTL 38999 connectors.  This gasket is designed for a Commercial Grade Application.


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Min Max Unit Price
10 24 $12.71
25 49 $6.36
50 100 $4.91



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MIL Part Number: M83528/004X-015

MAJR Products’ Conductive Silicone material is a molded rubber filled with conductive inert particles. It provides high electrical conductivity, broadband shielding and moisture sealing. Our Commercial grade Nickel/Graphite Silicone material is capable of 100 dB of plane wave shielding effectiveness at 1 GHz with a continuous use temperature range of -55°C to 160°C. Please use the link below for more details on this material:

(-52) Commercial Grade Ni/Graphite

This material does not meet the MIL-Spec

A 0.969
B 1.000
C 1.281
D 0.156

Connector gasket material thickness = .032